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Eric-Huffman's Profile Picture
United States
My name is Eric ( That’s my REAL name, not some made up one for online use)
I figured I better explain a few things about who and what I be before you run screaming from your ‘puters and hide under your beds.

I don’t fit into the usual molds that most people like to put others in. I have a brain that I grow hair out of.
Which I have this really bad habit or either using or NOT using on occasion.
I do TRY to use it mostly and that’s where I get into trouble.
See, I tend to be pretty smart ( as well as arrogant, conceited, overbearing, opinionated, sarcastic ect. ) MOST of the time.
However I have been also known to be dumber that a football bat.
However I digress...

What I am saying is that I form my own opinions on things.
I have my own thoughts on topics and my own beliefs that I hold very dear to my heart.
This leads to many misunderstandings when I run up against those whom I call ‘ The Herd Mind ‘ ( think about that for a sec...) to which some or most of you are familiar with.

These are the people who are blinded ( for whatever reason ) in that they believe everything someone tells them, follow whatever others are doing and think the same way that the rest of people think.
I prefer to make up my own mind on things rather than have someone else ‘influence’ me or tell me what to believe and think.
Which, as I mentioned, gets me into lots of ‘misunderstandings’ and sometimes downright verbal / written battles.
For this I will ask forgiveness and patience now so that everyone knows that I am not taking anything personally, ( nor should you )

As to who & what I am...
Well as I said I am not like most of the males in the world.
Intellectually I can be very stimulating,
I care more about feelings than fact / fiction.
What I mean is that having been through some VERY rough times in my 50 years I have come to realize that ‘ Things ‘ don’t mean a anything, but the people whom I care for ( and for some reason care for me ... ) are the ONLY thing that is important in life.

However the inverse to this is that I can be fooled real easily by folks who pretend something and are actually someone different.

I also have a bad habit of caring way too deeply about some things ( as well as some PEOPLE ) this means that I when and how I get hurt affects me deeply.
Nevertheless, it does allow me better insight into understanding how and why people feel the way they do. ( along with a whole lot of experience in the sadder sides of life ) which means in a nut shell that I can relate more easily and comprehend things that the average person either doesn’t want to understand or simply can’t get inside.

Lastly I have a great belief in God.
Yet I also am not blinded by this belief as many are.
I can talk with someone and share things with them that many people wouldn’t even consider because of their stringent adherence to ‘ the way things are ‘ .
Which simply means that I believe from the inside, not just repeat words, or impose what I think on others.
In overly simplified terms I accept that other people believe something different, and would hope that by showing my acceptance , even without agreeing with them, that they / you will be able to accept me and show the same courtesy in return.

There you have it.
Just me in a nut(house)shell.
There are many more facets that I could go into and would be happy to with anyone whom is my friend.
However those are more of something that are specific to each of us, and while I have no problem talking in a public forum it is sometimes best and more personal to exchange e-mail together on some things or even take a chance and just sit down across from one another and see the person for who they are and talk.


For those of you who already KNOW this stuff about me, well what can I say but...


Journal History

As most know DA has made a choice to implement new rules on groups.

This action was done without notice and when questioned on it by many group administrators and founders they responded with canned messages and lies as to why this was done.
Many groups have been destroyed and or closed up because of this unilateral stupid decision that was never once discussed with people who run real groups and care about those groups.

There has been much confusion and a lot of miscommunication between those of us who run groups and what to do about the problems we have had and how to share information so that we may find ways to keep our groups not just running but make and help them grow. ( Despite what DA does to hinder us )

In response to this scatter-gun fragmented information sharing I and a friend of mine have created a group that is ONLY for Founders, Co-founders, Moderators and contributors of a group or groups so that we as administrators can have a central communications node when problems come up where we can all share in finding a solution ( and maybe even help someone else who may be having problems with their group )

NO one will be admitted to the group above the level of contributor or member ( depending on activity levels and ability to do so) except the founder who will ONLY be covering the behind the scenes maintenance and such we all know has to be done.
NO one who is not an administrator of a group will be allowed into the group.

The name of the group is AdministrationUnion ~ administrationunion.deviantart…

This is a place for US as administrators away from the other places where we have to be the boss. You may even share art *IF* it is something particularly awesome so others might share it within their groups as well.
Information postings will be posted within the journal sections where it can be found and seen by all and shared from a central point where ever it is applicable.

In short this will be mostly a self run group by those of us who already run groups.

Also there will be NO group specific advertisement other than your own personal comments if you so choose and if that somehow gets to be a problem , well we ALL know what happens then....*(Evil grin)

So to start with please copy/paste this posting and/or send it to other group administrators so that we can get the broadest information base in DA and share it among those of us who do the REAL work around this website. ( and do it for free cuz we love the art and love our groups )

? & ?
Founder of RedSaidFred
Founder of Clearing-House
Co-founder of Musclekittens
Contributor to Sensationism
Contributor to ClassicNudeArt
Contributor to WhitehairBeauties
Contributor to PersonalPerceptions
All around sweet and cuddly guy too.
  • Drinking: Iced Tea

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